Rest Area Project

April 19, 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

Re: State Rest Area Community Service Project

I am writing to you about an exciting new opportunity for all chapters that will help increase the visibility of Eastern Star, one of WGM Georgianne’s goals. Your chapter can provide refreshments at State Rest Areas, the main purpose being to improve the safety of highway travel. There is a liability insurance requirement which will be provided by and paid for by Grand Chapter. The insurance coverage is effective from 5/24/17-5/23/18, so this is the time frame that refreshments may be provided. Grand Chapter will determine in early 2018 if the project will be continued and insurance renewed.

Here are some specifics:
• No limit on the number of times a given chapter may do this.
• This will be done at Class 1, full service, rest areas, (there are 36 of these around the state including the metro area).
• You may do this at any time, as rest areas are generally open 24/7/365.
• You may set-up inside the building in the lobby area. It is your responsibility to visit the rest area in advance to review conditions and availability of electrical outlets, water supply and other conditions as necessary to plan the refreshment break.
• You need to provide your own table, chairs, power strip, and extension cords.
• It is suggested you provide coffee and a cold drink and/or cookies, bars or some typed of pre-packaged snack. You will need to bring your own coffee pot, cups & all other needed supplies. Food must be commercially prepared, not homemade.
• Clean-up when you are done.
• You cannot charge but may have a donation jar (labeled “Donations”) as long as you don’t solicit donations.
• Please include a sign on the table indicating that you are from Eastern Star and wear Eastern Star apparel.
• You may have Eastern Star brochures on the table but hand out and answer questions only if asked (i.e. we may not actively promote Eastern Star). New brochures may be available at Grand Chapter in May. If you need brochures in the meantime, please email me and I will send you a template that you may customize with your chapter’s information and then make your own copies.
• You may also be allowed to have a sign at the entrance to the rest area advising about the refreshments (only during the hours refreshments are available). If you want to do so, please request this when you submit your application and ask where the sign should be placed.
• You must send a written request 60 days in advance of when you want to serve refreshments (see details below). Once approved, you will be sent a permit.

A blank application, along with a sample application showing what sections need to be completed, are attached. Do not worry about the other instructions included along with the blank application. Also attached is a map showing the locations of the available rest areas and the person for each rest area to whom you email your application. Note the column named “Paste Into Google.” You may paste the information from that column into Google Maps to get driving directions to the associated rest area. You must also email the attached certificate of insurance along with your application.

I would like to hear about chapters that do this, so please write me and let me know how it went and send photos. Consider submitting an article to “Starlites,” as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Rest Area Project Document (Word format)
Permit Application Instructions
Blank Permit Application
Rest Area Map
Certificate of Insurance


Kathie Brown
Past Grand Chaplain
Project Chair
5236 14th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55417