Myrtle #13, Farmington

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesday
Meeting Time: 7:30 PM
Location: 326 – 3rd St., Farmington MN 55024
See map: Google Maps
Phone Number: 651-463-7325
In Recess: July & August
Constituted: October 12, 1882

On February 18, 1882, a group of men and women met at the Corinthian Lodge #67 Masonic Hall, located in the Griebie Building in Farmington, Minnesota. This group was interested in the Order of the Eastern Star and wanted to form a chapter in their town. Corinthian Lodge was fifteen years old and some of its members and their wives thought having an Eastern Star Chapter in Farmington would be good for the community and expand their Masonic family. At this informal gathering Debra Akins was selected Worthy Matron; E. L. Brackett, Worthy Patron; R. Adah Underwood, Associate Matron; and Louise Vollmer, Secretary.

Myrtle Chapter has prospered through good times and held together during the not so good times. We like to consider ourselves as a small but mighty group of dedicated sisters and brothers who take pride in our rich heritage. With the continuing support of Corinthian Lodge #67, Grand Chapter officers and other subordinate chapters in Minnesota we know we will be here to celebrate our 200th anniversary and continue to leave a legacy our future generations will cherish.

The dreams of a few dedicated Sisters and Brothers in 1882 have been realized many times over by those of us who have followed in their foot steps. We are proud of our 125 year heritage and are grateful to those who have formed the foundation of our Chapter, and to the 7 members who toiled in labors of love to fulfill the Chapter’s mission.

Let it be know to future generations that Myrtle Chapter continues to this day to stand steadfast and true in its legacy to provide charity, truth and loving kindness to all mankind.