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M. Josephine Rusham Scholarship
ESTARL – Eastern Star Training Award for Religious Leadership
Educational Loan Fund

M. Josephine Rusham Scholarship

M. Josephine Ruhsam was the Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron when she passed away in 1983. Money set aside for her year and donations and memorials were put together to form a scholarship in her memory. A committee was established to set the process in place and it was decided that only the interest accrued from the fund may be awarded. The first scholarships were awarded in May 1988.

The scholarship is for graduating high school seniors only. Applications are mailed to those who request them. This school year, the applications must be returned by February 15. The application must be complete and arrive by the deadline date.

The Scholarship Committee reviews each application to determine several criteria:

  • scholarship, grades, and class rank;
  • school activities;
  • community activities;
  • personal statement;
  • efforts to help fund own education;
  • academic recommendations.

The application must also include an OES Chapter sponsorship.
For more information:
Application Packet

ESTARL – Eastern Star Training Award for Religious Leadership

ESTARL is a scholarship program-granting program for men and women preparing for careers in religious leadership in any denomination. The total amount received by any one applicant may not exceed $10,000.00.


  • You must be preparing for a full-time career of religion such as Ordained Ministry; Missionary; Youth Ministry; Director of Religious Education Music Ministry; or other related religious careers
  • Reside in Minnesota for at least one year before receiving award, with the exception of missionary duty.
  • Part-time to Full-time student beginning in September of the school year for which the award is granted.
  • Completion of application form prior to February 15.
  • Tuition is not already paid in full for the coming academic year by another individual or agency.


The Application Form may be printed from this site (downloadable below), or will be mailed out upon request by the applicant or any OES member.

  • The applicant completes the application form which consists of:
  • Personal, Educational, and Financial data and a statement of their religious beliefs;
  • Contract for repayment only in the event the applicant does not continue in full-time religious work. (Please note that the award is not repayable if awardee continues in religious employment.);
  • Transcripts of all educational courses;
  • Recommendations from the Minister of the Applicant’s home church and their Academic Advisor. Another recommendation is submitted by the OES Chapter that is sponsoring the applicant. This recommendation is prepared after a short visit with the candidate. Please note that the sponsoring OES Chapter assumes no financial obligation for the award;

The completed application form is sent to the ESTARL Chairperson prior to February 15;

All application forms are reviewed by the ESTARL Committee. The applicants and sponsoring Chapters are notified of the results.

Awardees are invited to Grand Chapter Awards Ceremony in May where Certificates of Award are presented. Certificates are mailed to those who cannot attend.

The checks for tuition expense only are sent directly to the Registrar or Financial Director of each awardee’s Seminary or educational institution prior to September.
For more information:
2017-2018 ESTARL Information


The Pat Rasmusson Continuing Education Scholarship Fund was established in 2012 to honor Sister Pat Rasmusson, P.G.M. of Minnesota and Most Worthy Grand Matron of the General Grand Chapter 2003-2006.  The first Pat Rasmusson Continuing Education scholarships were awarded at the Grand Chapter Session in 2014.

The Pat Rasmusson scholarships are to be used to help applicants continue their education through technical-vocational training, the liberal arts, or preparation for professional specializations and will be granted strictly to students continuing their post-secondary education in the academic year following receipt of the scholarship.  The Pat Rasmusson scholarships are not intended for graduating high school seniors or for students pursuing religious careers, as separate Grand Chapter scholarship programs exist for those purposes.

Applicants must be residents of Minnesota, recommended by an Eastern Star member in good standing in a Minnesota subordinate chapter, of good moral character, and he or she must have achieved academic standards sufficient to meet all the requirements of the institution they plan to attend in the next academic year.

The application form may be printed out from this site (downloadable below) or will be mailed or emailed out upon request of the applicant or an O.E.S. member.  The deadline for submission of the application is February 15.  The Scholarship Committee will review all completed applications and applicants will be notified in writing of the Committee’s decision.  Scholarship recipients will be invited to receive their awards in person at Grand Chapter.

For more information:
Applicant Letter 2018
Application packet 2018

Educational Loan Fund

The Educational Loan Fund is designed to assist members of Eastern Star and Masonic families who wish to pursue post-high school education. Loans may be obtained in an amount not to exceed $2500.00 and are designed to assist those who have a need for financial help.

The applicant must be a diligent student seriously pursuing advanced education or technical training. He or she must be a family member of an Eastern Star member who is in good standing, or the Eastern Star member her/himself.

For more information:

Educational Loan Fund Application
ESTARL Application