Volunteer Groups

Masonic Cancer Center Auxiliary

The Masonic Cancer Center Auxiliary began on May 20, 1958 shortly before the 80-bed Masonic Cancer Hospital opened on October 4, 1958. Their purpose, as stated in the earliest By-Laws, was “to render humane service to the Masonic Memorial Hospital and its patients.”
The Auxiliary had branch units in Austin, Mankato, Brainerd and Kasota. The first record book shows 128 members as of January 29, 1959 and by December 31st they had 546 members! The branch units have closed and now, most of our members are from the Twin City Metro Area. Our numbers have also decreased with around 130 members.

Minneapolis and St. Paul Masonic Home and Patriotic Units

Formerly called the ‘Masonic Homes and Patriotic Units’

Our History…

(submitted at the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary in March, 1943)

In the year of 1917, at the time that President Wilson issued his Proclamation that America join the Allied Forces in the World War, our boys were called to immediate service. The Mothers, Sweethearts, Sisters and Wives of these boys and men realized there would be many things necessary and needed for their equipment to make them comfortable and little groups of women were banded together for this purpose. The question then arose whether they should work with the Red Cross or form an organization of their own. This subject came up before Grand Chapter, O.E.S., which was then in session in St. Paul. Brother John Q. Mackintosh, P.G.P., offered the following resolution:
“Be it resolved: That the incoming Worthy Grand Matron appoint not less than seven members of the Order to be known as “Eastern Star Patriotic League” to act as an executive committee in the furtherance of the work.”