Area Conferences

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Here are the dates for the 2015 Area Conferences.  Whether you are a new or seasoned officer, join us for a morning of learning. You will be given the opportunity to work with a member of the Board or a District Instructor on the office you are holding. We will cover the ritual work, which includes opening and closing, balloting, and any other work the members wish to have demonstrated. Feel free to contact me with your request. We are here to help you and your Chapter. One topic of concern is how to promote O. E. S. to the public.

Reservations should be made a week prior to the Area Conference. The cost is $6.00 per person, which includes lunch.

Area conference is a great source for understanding the work of the order, but also a wonderful way to meet other sisters and brothers from around the state. We encourage all chapter members to attend one of the Area Conferences. So pack up your car with fellow members and enjoy a road trip to an Area Conference.  Don’t forget to pack your Ritual, Code Book, Dues card. Hopefully it will be a fun and relaxing day.

Looking forward to seeing you at Area Conference!

Georgianne Johnson                                           Dale Pierce
Grand Conductress                                         Grand Sentinel

JUNE 20, 2015
Reservations Due: June 13th
8 AM Registration
8:45 AM Area Conference Begins
Unity Chapter #29
303A North Main St
Austin, MN 55912
Kathy Foster, Sec.
1604 22nd Ave SW
Austin, MN 55912
JUNE 27, 2015
Reservations Due: June 20th
8 AM Registration
8:45 AM Area Conference Begins
Lyra Chapter #166
205 6th Ave East
Alexandria, MN 56308
Bonnie Melville, Sec.
604 5th St. East
Brandon, MN  56315
SEPT. 12, 2015
Reservations Due: September 5th
8 AM Registration
8:45 AM Area Conference Begins
Mesaba Chapter #211
1939 E. 4th Ave
Hibbing, MN 56308
Diane Blight, Sec.
9165 Bennett Road
Iron, MN  55751
SEPT. 26, 2015
Reservations Due:
September 19th
8 AM Registration
8:45 AM Area Conference Begins
Minnehaha Chapter #37
5149 Bloomington Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55417
Lois Fjelde, Sec.
13630 Crosscliffe Place
Rosemount, MN  55068