WGM Peg Oliver – January, 2018

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were filled with joy and love and that heartwarming memories were made. Now that your holiday decorations are being put away, may you keep the ‘light’ of the season alive in your hearts and remember those who are suffering with pain or illness. May we always be reminded of our Initiation where we are charged to “…aid, comfort, and protect each other…” in our lives. Let us always be willing and ready to extend our hands and hearts in fraternal love.

As with other months, the 2017- 2018 Soar With Love Grand Family was grateful to share the friendship of our sisters and brothers. We started off the month at Minnehaha Chapter. I would be remiss if I did not thank them from my heart for their generous donations to our Grand Chapter projects. The Grand Family had the honor of initiating two sisters at Oriental Chapter and had fun at Excelsior Chapter stretching our minds figuring out the many fabrics that are used by the many sewing units and groups providing comfort those in need. We missed WM Vicki as she was in the hospital, but our hearts are gladdened to know that she is now recovering at home. We completed our December official visits at Whittemore Chapter, where we were able to “shop” for delicious sweet treats following their meeting. My caramel sauce will be enjoyed!

With the holiday season in the air, the Minnesota Masonic Home Auxiliary was busy spreading the love of their hearts with the residents of the beautiful Minnesota Masonic Home. I was able to assist the committee in making gifts for the residents and enjoyed seeing their smiles at the annual Holiday Party. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful place for the residents to enjoy. I am in awe at the beauty every time I visit but, during the holidays, the grandeur is exquisite! WGP Roger, our escorts, and I were honored to spend a morning with members of the Masonic Cancer Center Committee at the Masonic Cancer Center. Their dedication is admirable. They work tirelessly to ensure that those needing care at that marvelous facility feel the love of our Order. During our travels, I have been so impressed with the projects our chapters undertake to support their communities. Thank you to all our sisters and brothers from across our great state who assist in these endeavors. You prove that we can make a difference!

As we begin the New Year, may we keep the principles of our Order alive in our hearts, so we can continue to spread love to our families, our sisters and brothers, and to those in our communities.

Star Love,


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