WGP Roger Taylor – November, 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

As the leaves turn, the Grand Family is on the road. October was full of chapter events—from one end of the state to the other.

Your Grand Family travelled to Grand Officer Honorings from Mesaba Chapter in Hibbing to Unity Chapter in Austin, as well as numerous other chapters in between. The WGM Homecoming at Martha Chapter in Anoka and WGP Homecoming at Kedron Chapter in Princeton had all the chairs in those chapter rooms filled! In addition, we traveled to many official visits around the state.

It was great to see the large number of sisters and brothers who attended to show their support of their neighboring chapters and the Grand Family. From all of us, a “Thank You” is not sufficient to express our gratitude.

Last month, I wrote about community projects. Chapters are now in full swing of fundraisers to support local and Grand Chapter projects. We are able to eat out every weekend in support of these, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. If you were looking for activities, there were a lot of them—from Pickwick’s Harvest Auction to Martha’s Bottle Auction to Kedron’s Chinese Auction. In addition, chapters sponsored many craft fairs and sales to raise funds.

In many communities, there are businesses that offer fundraising opportunities to support. From selling coupon books to support a local business to “volunteering” to bus dishes at Pizza Ranch for tips and a share of the night’s receipts. There are many ways our local chapters are raising money for scholarships and local community projects. If you want to learn how to organize one for your chapter, let me know and I will put you in touch with their Worthy Matrons for details.

We know that through social enjoyment we do good works! Invite your sisters and brothers to come to your community for a special event! Let’s keep this wonderful Masonic Family going and growing!

A little flag etiquette: When the Marshal posts the flag in the east, the flag is adjusted by turning the staff to face the west (if there is an eagle) allowing the flag to simply hang without further adjustment. At this time, all present drop their hands, awaiting instructions from the Worthy Patron.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we would like to extend our heartfelt “Thanks” for all you do for OES and for being a part of our lives.

In Star love,

Roger Taylor, WGP

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