WGP Roger Taylor – October, 2017

The busy fall schedule has begun—time to visit neighboring chapters, support project events and join the Grand Family on OVs. Check the calendar and join us!

How is your relationship with your lodge? For some of you, it is strong and vibrant. For other, it is not so, and we can try to change that.

I would suggest you meet with the Master and officers of your Lodge, as well as brothers who are Star members. Ask them how Eastern Star can help them, offer to work on joint projects, or maybe offer to fix them a meal. Have a special night with the lodge members or help them with a lodge clean-up day. By coming to the Lodge with an offer of help, you may be able to move your chapter forward.

Both Masons and Eastern Star members are focused on community projects. Develop a joint project and work together— maybe a dinner to raise funds for local scholarships, a Christmas party for those in need in your community, or volunteer to work on something for your community. How about a joint “open house” so the Masons can show off the Lodge, and Eastern Star members can talk about their many good works?

Speaking of community projects, remember to make your report to Sister Marge Nelson of your chapter’s activities. She has sent a letter to all chapters and wants to hear from you.

Maybe you want to focus on raising money for the Cancer Research Project at the Masonic Children’s Hospital by attending the Cancer Benefit on November 4th and help sell raffle tickets to this benefit. Maybe something for the Minnesota Masonic Home to get a six-passenger golf cart to transport residents around the grounds.

We would encourage you to reach out to your chapter and lodge to come to the Cancer Benefit or to buy some raffle tickets, a $100 donation to get 20 tickets. The tickets are for five cash prizes—two at $250; two at $100 and one at $50. So, if the lodge or chapter wins the tickets, they too will have money to use towards a project… which again could be matched by Minnesota Masonic Charities.

Let’s think of ways to strengthen and grow this wonderful Masonic Family!

We look forward to seeing you in our travels!

In Star Love,

Roger Taylor, WGP

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