WGP Roger Taylor – September, 2017

The change in the weather is a reminder that summer will soon come to an end, and Fall is just around the corner.

Many chapters are getting back into the swing of things after being dark this summer. You still can attend the last Area Conference on September 16th at St. Anthony Park #212 in Roseville. For a reservation, contact Stephanie Peterson at ericssonpto@yahoo.com. This is an excellent way to review the ritualist part of our Order, and to see the degrees presented by the Grand Officers. We have initiated nine new members this year already at Area Conferences!

And, it is time to start thinking about other Fall events. Many chapters are holding special events to raise money for this year’s projects. Look for their information in Starlites or your chapter’s correspondence.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 4th. and plan to attend the Cancer Benefit to be held at the Masonic Heritage Center in Bloomington. There will be a raffle, social, dinner and entertainment by The Sound Exchange.  Details will be in the Starlites and sent to each chapter. We would encourage you all to attend, buy raffle tickets or just make a donation. The proceeds will go to the Give Them Hope project toward Childhood Cancer Research and will be matched by Minnesota Masonic Charities.

We would encourage you to reach out to your Lodge to join in the event or to buy some raffle tickets for $100 donation to get 20 tickets. The tickets are for five cash prizes: two – $250; two – $100 and one – $50. So, if the Lodge or chapter wins the tickets, they too will have money to use towards a project… which again could be matched by Minnesota Masonic Charities.

At the Area Conferences, much discussion was held regarding how the Marshal carries the flag. The Minnesota OES Code states the Marshal carries the flag with the staff to the left of the body, the left arm straight. The right hand holds the staff so that the forearm crosses the breast with the palm toward the body, the elbow on the level with the hand. The flag hangs free but must not touch the floor or the altar. Hanging free means simply that the flag is not to be touched and is allowed to drape down. And this means the flag is not dipped forward, but rather carried straight up, assuming you have enough ceiling clearing to accomplish this.

We look forward to seeing you in our travels!

In Star Love,

Roger Taylor, WGP

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