WGP Roger Taylor – July 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

Having just completed our first Area Conference, I would like to express how proud WGM Peg and I were of the first Initiatory of this Grand Family, bringing in four sisters from four different chapters. This is an excellent way to get degrees done over the summer, and there are three more Area Conferences coming up (July in Rochester; August in Duluth; and September in Roseville). The details are included in this issue of Starlites . If you have voted on a candidate, contact the WGM or the host chapter for details on participating in the degrees.

We invite all to join us at the 2nd Annual Joint Reception of the Officers of Minnesota Grand Chapter of OES and the Grand Lodge of Masons AF&AM to be held on July 16 at the Osman Shrine Center at the Lost Spur Country Club. This is an excellent way to recognize the officers of both bodies and to continue to promote working together.

I am often asked, “What is the best thing about being a part of the Masonic Family?” I respond, “I hope you never have to find out.” For when sorrow or troubles enters your life, it will be your sisters and brothers who will be there. They will offer a shoulder to lean on, a simple hug or kind words to lift you up and assist you in any way, without hesitation and never looking for repayment.

Nancy and I would like to thank you all for the love and care that has been extended to us for the tragic death of Nancy’s sister Shar, in a car accident on May 31st. The month of June has been full of trips to Las Vegas to support her family and attend her funeral.

The lessons of our Star Points have been our strength, as Shar filled many of the relations represented by our heroines. We are reminded by Martha’s story that she is safe in God’s care and we should always apply the lesson of Electa and “Love One Another.” I cannot adequately express in words how much your support has meant to us—so I will just say again, Thank You!

In Star Love,

Roger Taylor, WGP

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