WGP Roger Taylor, June 2017

Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to begin by commending the 2016-2017 Grand Family on a successful year and a productive Grand Chapter. It was an honor to serve with all of you.

To the 2017-2018 Grand Family, congratulations on the new roles you have assumed. We look forward to continuing the good work of the order in the coming year. At this time, we have degrees planned for all of the Area Conferences as well as several chapters and look forward to serving this Grand Chapter.

We have started to see changes that are necessary, and I believe this is the way to go forward. WGM Peg and I look forward to continuing the good works that have been started in supporting the Masonic Home, Masonic Children’s Hospital and the Rite Care Clinics. There is much work to be done, and we hope that all chapters participate as best they can.

The Masonic family has a lot to be proud of as we do make a difference in our communities. We encourage all chapters to spread their wings and reach out to prospective members to grown the work of our Order.

The American Bald Eagle and the US Flag are my fun symbols. As I travel this year I will share flag etiquette with the chapters. My tip for today is: Salute the flag, from the time the Marshal picks up the flag and continue until it is posted. Then drop your hand until instructed to unite in the pledge of allegiance.

In Star Love,

Roger Taylor, WGP

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