WGP Marv Enslin, March 2016

March is here, yes March is here,

                     The third month of the year.

            Thirty-one days march into spring,

                    And that is a wonderful thing.

            Yes, that is a wonderful thing!                       Lyrics from Song for teaching about the months

As we step into March, we also are reminded that plans, some preliminary, and many final, are necessarily being placed for Grand Chapter. That gathering time is fast approaching.  Will we be ready?

In the meantime, WGM Judy and I have been determined and we are close to succeeding in completion of announcing the Grand Representative appointments.  It is a privilege to be a part of the process.   We recognize the very gracious and capable assistance of our Grand Secretary, Brother Glen Carlson.  He competently completes the correspondence with Grand Chapters around the world and receives returns which he passes to WGM Judy and myself.  We have the honor of presenting these appointments. Thank you, Brother Glen.

On February 10, 2016, Worthy Grand Matron Judy and I, along with our escorts, were privileged to be invited to join the Masonic Cancer Center Auxiliary in the monthly meeting and distribution of lap robes, caps, cookies, valentines (delightfully hand made by Fidelity Chapter), and games to those receiving treatment at the Masonic Cancer Center and Hospital.  We shadowed the Auxiliary members and assisted in the distribution.  Thank you to the members for allowing us this experience and privilege.  Recognition is a small part of the reward which the dedicated members receive; the gratification which volunteering provides is the greater reward.  Lend a listening ear as the report of the very dedicated Auxiliary is presented at Grand Chapter which will summarize the hours, distribution, and behind the scenes dedication of the MCCA. Not to be overlooked are the sources of the lap robes and caps.  The Sewing Groups and Chapter members throughout the Grand Chapter who labor and, I suspect enjoy company, fellowship, and conversation while construction takes place, deserve our most humble thanks and recognition. In many instances, these are the same people.  Thank you, thank you.

Following the Auxiliary meeting and lunch, the members were invited to tour the new Clinics and Surgery units of the Minnesota Health facility.  The second floor is the Masonic Cancer Treatment Center. The entire facility will be opened for patient receiving on February 29, 2016. More formal announcements of dedication and opening events will be forthcoming.  It is heartwarming and gratifying to know that the Order of the Eastern Star in Minnesota along with the Masons of Minnesota and Minnesota Masonic Charities have played a key role in the this state of the art facility becoming reality.  Congratulations.

St. Patrick’s Day will come around,

             Find four-leaf clovers on the ground.

             Leprechauns and rainbows too,

             Clothes of green for me and you.        Lyrics from Song for Teaching about the Months



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